Sodbeans Release Notes

We post changes to Sodbeans, the standard development environment for Quorum, here. Sodbeans is blind accessible.

Sodbeans 4.5.1 February 1st, 2014

Sodbeans 4.5 December 16th, 2013

Sodbeans 4.0.2 August 13th, 2013

Sodbeans 4.0.2 is a bug fix release for the Sodbeans 4.0 branch. It includes an updated version of Quorum and several important bug fixes for the new debugger, which were identified at the recent Quorum workshop in Vancouver, Washington.

Sodbeans 4.0.1 - June 23rd, 2013

Sodbeans 4.0.1 is a bug fix release for the Sodbeans 4.0 branch. It includes an updated version of Quorum and a host of important bug fixes.

Sodbeans 4.0 - June 6th, 2013

In this release, we focused on creating a commercially scalable version of the omniscient talking debugger in Quorum. This significantly increases the applicability of the approach toward real-world applications, in addition to providing a proof of concept for the JVM languages. In addition, we made a number of small changes to improve the usability of Quorum in the development environment.

Sodbeans 3.5.0 - February 25th, 2013

In this release, we focused our attention primarily on fixes and enhancements for our partners at schools for the blind. This includes a host of enhancements for Quorum-based projects, especially with code completion and version control systems. This version also includes Quorum 1.7 and the start of a new debugger architecture. This new architecture may ultimately pave the way toward talking debuggers for a variety of Java Virtual Machine (JVM) programming languages.

Sodbeans 3.0.1 - July 2nd, 2012

In Sodbeans 3.0.1, we have fixed the Windows installer and some minor problems with Quorum pluggins. If you installed Sodbeans 3.0 on windows and had a previous version of Sodbeans installed, please make sure you uninstall and clear your AppData -> .sodbeans folder before attempting to re-install Sodbeans.

Sodbeans 3.0 - June 25th, 2012

In Sodbeans 3.0, we have spent a substantial amount of time on both performance and improving accessibility features. This is our first release that we are marking as mature and stable and we are pleased to announce that Sodbeans can now be used on a host of programming languages accessibly (e.g., Java, PHP, HTML, CSS), including the critical features of code completion and editor hints. Sodbeans 3.0 is now built using Sodbeans 3.0, includes a host of improvements, and we are proud to get this version out there. An abridged list of new features follows:

Sodbeans 2.5 - January 30, 2012

Sodbeans 2.0 - July 13, 2011

Sodbeans 1.5, December 18th, 2010

Sodbeans 1.0, July 9th, 2010

This is the first official release of Sodbeans. Major features include