It is finally time for you to take on the Create Performance Task. For a total of 12 class hours, you should work on your projects with only specific types of teacher support allowed (essentially: Advise on process. Teachers can't influence or evaluate ideas). You may also work with a collaborative partner in development of your program - written responses must be done on your own.

The lesson includes reminders about how teachers can interact with students while you are working on your projects, and suggestions about time line. The Create PT requires a minimum of 12 hours of class time. At the end, you will submit your program code, program video, and written responses through your AP digital portfolio


Students will be able to:


There are no new CS concepts covered in this lesson. Students will work individually or with a collaborative partner on the Create Performance Task.


Getting Started


For the next 12 or so days, you will be completing the Create Performance Task. Most of the work for this task must be done independently - but you are allowed to collaborate with another student to create a program. But you must have enough individual contributions to meet all the requirements of the written responses, so make sure it is a true collaboration. Your teacher can help you with the process and timeline, and keep you on task.

Distribute: AP Performance Task Directions

Read page 3: Preparing for the Through-Course Performance Tasks

This is a general checklist of things you should do to prepare for any of the AP Performance Tasks. Let's see how we did:

Prompt: With a partner - one person reading from the top down, the other reading from bottom up - check off things we've done to prepare so far. Identify anything we haven't done, and be sure to note the Create PT-specific items.

Quick chat with your partner to summarize anything new or unexpected you discovered.

Read page 12: Preparing for the Create Performance Task

This is another checklist of things you should do to prepare specifically for the Create Performance task. Again, let's see how we did.

Prompt: Again divide and conquer - with a partner scan the page and check off things you feel confident about, and pull out things you're not sure about.

Read page 2: Policy on Plagiarism & Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

Read the two sections on Page 2, or point out the relevant portions (highlighted below). This is info to have in the background before you go read the guidelines for completing the task in the next section.

Point out Plagiarism applies to the Create PT as well. Specifically:

This is an image highlighting the CSP Policy on Plagiarism

Point out Collaboration is allowed as well:

This is an image highlighting the CSP Policy on Collaboration

...but you need to be careful that you have enough original work to submit as your own Performance Task.

Hold off discussing these things until after you read the guidelines on pages 12-13.

Read pages 12 - 13: Guidelines for Completing the Create Performance Task

This is a final list of Do's and Don'ts for the Create PT.

Prompt: With your partner, read the You must, You may, and You may not sections of this page. Then with you partner summarize: what kinds of things can your teacher help you with?

This is an image highlighting some gray areas for Create Performance Task submissions

Plagiarism and the Create PT

Students may also notice this line from the guidelines:

You Must:
This is an image highlighting the need for ciations within the Create Performance Task submission

How to acknowledge others' work, previous work, and cite sources for the Create PT

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Go! Complete Performance Task

AP Digital Portfolio Access - College Board Site

Wrap Up

Students submit completed Create Performance Task


Before they submit their final work:

Pro Tip: You may spread out submission over a few days if you like since students can save progress in the AP Digital Portfolio. As long as they finalize submission by the closing date of the PTs it's fine.

Pro Tip: In the past submitting everything right at the deadline has been a risky proposition as the site sometimes experiences outages due to heavy traffic. Get something in early and modify later.

Standards Alignment