We're excited to bring you EPIQ 2020, our first online adventure. For those looking to attend, we've put together the following information


Running an accessible online conference can be tricky - but the EPIQ Committees (Steering and Curriculum) have come together to create the following plan. We're thrilled to make EPIQ 2020 a fun, engaging, and accessible week. We'll be hosting the online workshop using Zoom, Slack, and YouTube, with Eventbrite as our usual registration site..

After registering on Eventbrite, attendees will receive an email with a form to sign up for either the Beginner or Advanced track.

After submitting the form, we'll send you:


Registration is on Eventbrite

This year, EPIQ's registration fee is $50 as our only costs are for closed-captions and other online services.

Content and Schedule

The primary focus of EPIQ 2020 will be using Quorum's new and accessible visual game editor - the only fully accessible technology for 2D and 3D gaming currently available.

Schedule for EPIQ 2020

For more information, here's a Webinar on Quorum Studio that was completed on this technology back in January.

Quorum Studio: Into Accessible Graphics

Online Workshop Platforms


The Quorum team will lead captioned sessions each day on Zoom for both Beginner and Advanced tracks. During office hours, attendees will receive personalized instruction and support on Slack and in Zoom meetings with Quorum instructors. We want this year to be welcoming to beginners, to have cool new stuff for folks with experience, and to be fully interactive in real-time using this platform to meet up virtually.


Slack is an online communication tool we will be using to keep in touch during the conference. It's basically a fancy chat client used by the Quorum team and this year we're using it for EPIQ. Getting started is as simple as signing up with an email address and being invited to the Slack channel.

Here are two resources for more information on Slack:

Slack 101

Slack Getting Started

Slack has 'channels,' which are places for having specific conversations. At EPIQ, these are the channels we'll be using:


The transcribed Zoom sessions will be recorded each day and uploaded with full text transcriptions to the Quorum YouTube channel. We suggest attendees subscribe to the Quorum YouTube channel to stay up to date with each day's sessions.

Subscribe to the Quorum YouTube Channel here

Clock Hour Credits

Receiving credits are important for many educators and we will be providing these for EPIQ's Online Workshop. This year, we've received permission to give clock hour credits from Washington State. If this works for you, you're good to go. We're also working on getting credits through ACVREP, which will work for most others.


To receive the credits discussed above, we will be giving a code at the end of each half-day confirming attendance for the online workshop. We are only counting the in-classroom time for this and social hours will always be optional.

More Information

Please email us with any questions you may have at contact@qorf.org