Download Quorum

There are several ways to obtain Quorum 6.0. The following links provide a development environment we can use that includes Quorum called Sodbeans. This is available for Mac and Windows. Alternatively, a console version of Quorum is available if a different editor is preferred. In the download links, we call the version that includes the custom development environment (environment) and the standalone version (console).

Download Quorum 6.0.9 with the Sodbeans Development Environment

Download this version if you prefer an environment to write your code in. The Quorum team uses this version.

Download Quorum 6.0.9 as a standalone console compiler

Download this version if you prefer to use your own source code editor. Because no editor is provided in this version, it is harder to learn.

Other Quorum Downloads

*Note that previous releases had Sodbeans, the IDE for Quorum, separated from Quorum, but the source is now all at the same location.

Already have NetBeans? Install Quorum and Accessibility Support as a Plugin

There is a second way to install Quorum, including all accessibility features previously in Sodbeans, which we recommend if you already have NetBeans 8.2 installed. Namely:

1. Make sure you have Java JDK8, the latest version. Note that NetBeans is not compatible with JDK 9 or 10..
2. Make sure you have NetBeans 8.2. Note that the Apache Foundation has taken over NetBeans from Oracle, but this version is not compatible..
3. Open the Plugins page. This varies by platform, but is typically under Tools -> Plugins.
4. Under Settings, select Add. Under name, type Quorum, and under URL, put the following:
5. Now, under Available Plugins, select the checkbox for Quorum and then select with the keyboard or click the install button.
6. Restart NetBeans.
7. By default, on the first run of the Quorum module, it will ask if you want self-voicing installed. If you are blind, or otherwise would like self-voicing, navigate to and select the checkbox. If not, then do not.

What is Accessibility Support?

Quorum has built in a variety of features to help with accessibility. Users that do not need accessibility features still have them installed by default on the system. As always, these features come free and are part of our universal design process. In other words, feel free to turn them on or off as you see fit. Designing support for users with disabilities is an active area of research and not easy. Users with disabilities that would like to see a new feature should either join the mailing list and make a feature request. Some common features might use are: