Download Quorum Studio or Quorum

There are several ways to obtain Quorum Studio 5.1.0 or Quorum 11.0.0. The first links provide a development environment called Quorum Studio. This is available for Windows and Mac. Alternatively, in the second pair of links, a console version of Quorum is available for those that wish to use a different editor.

If you want to be kept up to date with all the recent changes head to the Release Notes page to see what improvements and additions are being made to Quorum Studio and the Quorum language.

Download Quorum Studio 5.1.0 (Recommended)

Download this version if you prefer an environment to write your code in. The Quorum team uses this version.

Download Quorum 11.0.0 without Quorum Studio

Download this version if you prefer to use your own source code editor. Because no editor is provided in this version, it is harder to learn.

Other Quorum Downloads

Below includes downloads for source code or the optional LEGO toolkits for the EV3.