Born Accessible

Quorum is conscious about its user base and focuses on making the language intuitive for individuals with disabilities.

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User Friendly

Quorum is designed using simple words that are easy to interpret

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Evidence Based

Quorum's design uses studies that experts have checked about how people behave. It changes over time if there is new data.

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Introducing Quorum Studio 6.1.0

Quorum is now available for download!

Data Science made simple

Quorum allows you to ease into the world of data science. You can create charts, clean up your data, and conduct descriptive statistical tests. Play around with the chart, you can even interact with it!

Quorum’s chart creator has the ability to turn any chart accessible. Try it out today!

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Join The Community

Do you want to help with computer science? In the Quorum community, people from all around the world join together to make programming easier. Quorum is made by people, for people. You can join the community or participate in professional development.

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Quorum is more than just words. It is a continuing project to let everyone learn programming. Here, you'll find teachers, developers, researchers, designers, and scholars all teaming up to make change. In this varied group, you can ask for help or join in with lots of ongoing projects.

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