The goal of this assignment is to learn the following:

Computer Science Principles Curriculum

Common Core Standards


In this assignment, you will write a program that plays music with a combination of notes and chords. This assignment allows you to create your own songs by combining single notes and chords. Create a new project and name it Challenge2_1.

So far, you have focused on using the Play feature in the Music class to play single notes. This feature can also be used to play multiple notes at once, called chords. In this assignment, you will create a piece of music utilizing both single notes and chords to create a piece of music that lasts at least one minute.

Task 1

To play chords in Quorum, you must use the Chord type. To include this type for use in your program, use the following use statement:

use Libraries.Sound.Chord

To create a chord, you might use code like the following. This code creates a C Major chord.

Chord c

Once the chord has been created make sure the chord is played.

Activity: Play chords in Quorum.

Task 2: Analysis

Activity: Compose a piece of music consisting of notes and chords.

Sample Output

Your output should be a song of at least 1 minute in length. All students' outputs will be different, since you all have different creative inspirations!

Next Tutorial

In the next tutorial, we will discuss Challenge 2.2, which describes how work 3D Sound in Quorum..