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Experience Programming 2020 is the 11th anniversary Quorum Programming Language conference. Designed for teachers that want to learn more about teaching coding in the classroom, there are tracks for experienced Quorum experts and newcomers just looking to get their feet wet. Especially for teachers in K-12, we will include details on teaching the AP Computer Science Principles course in high school and also plenty of great stuff for younger students too. This year’s theme is accessible graphics. Attendees will learn how to create computer games visually, in addition to how to create games accessible to all people. No prior experience is needed and we are working hard to make this available to even absolute beginners. Besides graphics, we will provide tracks related to sound programming, LEGO robotics, and other cool areas. Come practice coding with us and give your students an even bigger advantage in learning the skills they need for the 21st century! Don't miss out! Purchase tickets below on our Eventbrite page:


EPIQ 2020 will be held at the Washington State School for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Vancouver, WA. At the event, attendees (e.g., teachers, programmers) will learn about the field of computer science and programming using the Quorum programming language. Teachers attending EPIQ will additionally learn how to integrate computer science into their classrooms. The curriculum provided is modern, free, open source, and mapped to the Common Core and AP's Computer Science Principles standards.

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