Chapter 5: Classes

This page contains questions, assignments, programs, and essays for learning about classes in Quorum.

Control Structures Quiz

  1. Explain the relationship between classes and objects
  2. What is an array and what do we use them for?
  3. What is the difference between an action and a class and what do you use each for?
  4. What are generics and what do we use them for?
  5. Describe the concepts of public or private in relation to fields and actions.
  6. What statement do you have to have in order to create an Array?
  7. If the words public or private are left off, what is the default for actions and fields? Why might that be the default?
  8. What is the integer value for the first index in an array?
  9. What's the difference between class variables and local variables?
  10. What is autoboxing?
  11. Explain how lexical scoping works for variables with the same name with fields and nested conditionals.
  12. Where can the package statement go in a file?
  13. Describe the concept of packages and give two examples of classes and what packages they live in.
  14. Describe why packages are useful.
  15. What is the purpose of"on create"?

Essay Questions

  1. Describe in a paragraph or two the concept of information hiding. In your description, state how this might relate to the concepts of public or private.
  2. Describe the concept of auto-boxing and how it relates to using arrays with generics. Give examples of auto-boxing with integers and numbers.

Next Tutorial

In the next tutorial, we will discuss Inheritance, which describes how work inheritance in Quorum..