EPIQ Award

The EPIQ Award began in EPIQ 2014 as an honor for an early member of the steering committee that contributed significantly to the development of the conference. It is now given annually to a member, or members, of the committee that has contributed to the community in some particularly epiq way. To be eligible, a participant must be accepted to EPIQ and attend. From there, members submit their materials to the award chair of the Steering Committee.

While the first year of the award was chosen, in secret, by several members of the steering committee, all subsequent awards have been given by popular vote. For EPIQ 2017, there are two awards: 1) EPIQ Programming, and 2) EPIQ Teaching to honor both contributions. Multiple members of the community may team up to try and win either award, but only one trophy is given for a team. As always, the EPIQ award is intended to be a fun activity for all members.

EPIQ Programming, 2018

The EPIQ Programming Award is won by creating a computer program, teaching materials, or other resources for the community. For 2018, the rules are as follows:

The winner (s) of the 2018 EPIQ Award will be honored with a trophy and will have their materials placed online with other award winners.

EPIQ Award Winners

Amanda Storaasli, Donna Clemens, Leanna MacDonald2018Created tactile representations of street crossings.
Ko Inamura, Steve Raparelli2018Created a 3D intersection traffic simulator.
Jennifer Jesso and Tim Lockwood2017Creating the highest a maze game with speech and sound effects for nonvisual players (Jennifer) and elementary programming lessons with Quorum and Robots (Tim): These are a sequence of 12 unites of elementary (grades 3-6) computer science lessons with related Physical Science , Life Sciences , Mathematics, and Fine Arts goals and content. Jennifer's project on github.
Sina Bahram, Sam Shaw, Steve Raparelli, and Ko Inamura2016Creating a 3D computer game for Sina, Sam, and Steve to find their friend Ko, who was mysteriously lost playing Pokemon Go.
Tim Lockwood2015For an amazing collaborative musical performance between him and his LEGO Robot.
Sherry Hahn2014Sherry was one of the co-creators of EPIQ and it would not exist today if it were not for her help.