EPIQ Committees

There are two primary committees that run the EPIQ conference. First, the Quorum Outreach and Research Foundation is the lead non-profit that runs the venue. Logistics of the meeting and planning are controlled by the EPIQ Steering Committee, which collaborates with QORF and other partners. The EPIQ Curriculum Committee collaborates with a variety of partners on iterative improvements to the curriculum. For all committees, members are selected by popular vote of attendees of the conference, not by appointment. Voting members include: 1) registered attendees, 2) any committee members, 3) invited guests to the venue. There are no term limits and members may serve on both committees if the community votes for this outcome. Votes are conducted by secret paper ballot.

Steering Committee

The EPIQ Steering committee has 6 members. The primary responsibilities of this committee include planning, registration, and working with hosting venues to ensure a smooth conference. Members handle registration and scheduling details.

WhoAffiliationEnd of Term
Sara LarkinIowa Educational Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired2025
Mike FaceWashington State School for the Blind2022
Art RizzinoBlind and Vision Rehabilitation Services of Pittsburgh2024
Sam ShawPrime Access Consulting, Inc.2023
Andreas Stefik (Chair)University of Nevada, Las Vegas2024

Curriculum Committee

The EPIQ Curriculum committee has 6 members. The primary responsibilities of this committee include writing lessons to be included in the EPIQ and school curriculum, mapping curriculum to national or state standards, and collaborating with partners to ensure the curriculum meets the needs of attendees and participating organizations.

WhoAffiliationEnd of Term
Andrew ZacariasAlbuquerque Public Schools2024
Ko InamuraLincoln Public Schools2024
Gina FugateMaryland School for the Blind2025
Tim LockwoodNebraska Center for the Education for the Children with Visual Impairment and Blindness2024
Steve RaparelliSeattle Public Schools2025
Amanda Rodda (Chair)Washington State School for the Blind2024