Students complete their apps, making any final adjustments based on feedback from their peers. Students spend some time reviewing other apps that classmates made and then complete a short set of reflection prompts before submitting their projects.


Students will be able to:


This lesson concludes the project students have been working on throughout the unit. Students will have a chance to respond to any feedback they received and incorporate that into their project. The reflection prompts in the activity help students synthesize their overall experience with a focus on how collaboration within their team and within their classroom impacted the final projects they designed.

Getting Started


Teaching Tip: Quickly move the class to the activity where the bulk of their time should be spent today.


Group: Place students back in pairs with their project partner.

Distribute: Make sure students have access to the App Development Planning Guide - Activity Guide


Activity: Direct students to continue working on their app. When they are finished, they should submit it via a method you choose (e.g., email).

Teaching Tip: If you choose to have students submit their projects via email, some email providers may try to block projects from being sent if they have executable files inside them. To avoid this, just before they submit their projects, you can have students "Clean" their projects in Quorum Studio via the Run menu, or by right-clicking the project and selecting it from the pop-up menu. This will delete the executables so the project can be safely sent via email.

Wrap Up

Reflection: Direct students to the Reflection Section in the Planning Guide. There are two questions for students to complete.

Submit Projects: Students should submit their final projects including both a link to the app and their planning guide.

Assessment: Project

Use the rubric to assess student projects. The rubric can be found on the last page of the App Development Planning Guide - Activity Guide.

Standards Alignment