Students continue working on their apps. Halfway through class the focus of the lesson shifts to getting feedback. Students watch other groups test their apps and collect feedback that will be used to make updates.


Students will be able to:


This lesson reinforces the importance of feedback in the process of developing software. Feedback and testing help make sure that an app actually works for lots of people and in the context in which it will be used. This process also reinforces the importance of making iterative improvements in making software.

Getting Started

Prompt: Think of times when you've received helpful feedback on school work, a hobby, or a sport.

Discussion Goal: This is an optional prompt if your class situation requires it. If you believe your students need more time to work on their apps then move right into work time. This prompt, however is designed to get students thinking early about the differences between useful and unhelpful feedback. For example, students may note that...



Group: Place students back in pairs with their project partners.

Work Time


Circulate: Direct students to continue working on their apps.

Teaching Tips

Review Pair Programming: You may want to review the Pair Programming roles from the previous lesson before students begin working.

Encourage Debugging Practices: Continue to encourage students to use the debugging practices they learned in previous lessons and normalize and celebrate debugging as a part of programming.

Testing and Feedback

Distribute: Direct students back to the App Development Planning Guide - Activity Guide.

Do This: Groups swap apps and gather feedback. It is ok to move ahead to this section even if students are not done with their apps yet.

Here's what you should observe:

A sketch showing Group A observing Group B using their app, then the two groups switching.

Wrap Up


Prompt: Why is it important to get feedback from others while building your app? What is the value of getting this feedback even if you aren't finished with your app?

Discussion Goal: Use this prompt as time allows. The goal is to reinforce the importance of feedback in the development of good software. Possible answers include:


Standards Alignment