Students begin working on a two-day project exploring a dilemma at the intersection of the Internet and society.


Students will be able to:


In this project, students explore a relevant Internet dilemma: Net Neutrality, Internet Censorship, or the Digital Divide. Students apply their knowledge of how the Internet works to address the core question related to their chosen dilemma. This project addresses the "so what" question - why is it important to learn about how the Internet works?


Warm Up


Discuss: Select a few sticky notes and read them to the class. Address any misconceptions.

Teaching Tip: Keep track of time! Students need the majority of class to work on their projects. The goal here isn't for every outstanding question to be answered, but instead to remind students how much they have learned and point out how they can continue learning.




Distribute: Give students copies of Internet Dilemmas - Project Guide

Teaching Tip: The project guide includes links to three different sources for each of the internet dilemmas that students can tackle. If you're physically printing and handing out the guide, make sure you give students links or some other way to access the online sources!

Do This: Read out loud the Background & Core Question for each dilemma.

Wrap Up


Journal: Students add to their journal the definition for digital divide.

Teaching Tip

Why is Digital Divide the only vocabulary word? Digital Divide is a term covered in the AP CSP Conceptual Framework. We want to make sure all students - even those who don't choose it as a Digital Dilemma understand the meaning of the phrase.

Standards Alignment