Students finish working on a two-day project exploring a dilemma at the intersection of the Internet and society.


Students will be able to:


In this project, students explore a relevant Internet dilemma: Net Neutrality, Internet Censorship, or the Digital Divide. Students apply their knowledge of how the Internet works to address the core question related to their chosen dilemma. These project lessons address the "so what" question - why is it important to learn about how the Internet works?


Warm Up


Teaching Tip: The warm-up is short today. Continue on to the activity as soon as possible to give students the maximum amount of time to complete their one-pagers.


Policy One Pager

Do This: Students complete each section of the Internet Dilemma Policy One Pager found in Internet Dilemmas - Project Guide

Share Out


Teaching Tip: Keep an eye on the time for the share out. Students only have a minute or two to share their thoughts. The most important thing is that each dilemma should get equal coverage.

Wrap Up


Assessment: Submit

Submit: Students turn in the Project Guide for assessment.

Standards Alignment