Descriptive Statistics and the Accessibility Features

This tutorial describes how Quorum is makes descriptive statistics more accessible with MathML and MathJax

Accessibility in Descriptive Statistics

When we discuss the idea of summaries, one category that often comes up is called Descriptive Statistics. The idea is that these kinds of statistics do not directly test a hypothesis, or make a prediction, but instead they give us some kind of information. Many of these are taught at relatively young ages. In this section, we provide sample code on how to run each of these statistics. In each case, we will provide a brief description of what the statistic is and then how to run code to calculate it. Finally, because different manufacturers use the same name to describe different types of calculations, we provide the equation used for each calculation in MathML format.

One note on Accessibility. MathML is an accessible application we recommend for viewing the equations in this section. We especially recommend users of the NVDA screen reader to download Math Player 4. Math Player is optional and freely available at the following link:

Accessible Math Player

Next Tutorial

In the next tutorial, we will discuss mean, which describes calculating the mean.