Tutorial: Databases

This tutorial shows us how to install MySQL onto our computer

Downloading and Installing MySQL

To incorporate databases with Quorum, we will be using a relational database. The tool that we will be using is MySQL which is a database management system (DBMS). At the moment, Quorum Studio only supports using MySQL.

In order to get MySQL onto our devices we would need to click this link that takes us to the downloads page. From there, we have options of what we can download, but depending on the device it may vary. For Windows, we may want to start off with downloading the Windows installter; for Mac, we would want to download the shell and community server; for Linux, we may want to download the shell and community server as well. Note that it is important to check our system so we know which installer to download. There are other workspaces within MySQL such as Workbench, but for the purposes of these next lessons, we will be creating our databases within the shell.

With installing MySQL, we would want to follow the default installation guide and set up our username and password. We also need to configure the 'root' of the database which allows us to name our current device (the computer we are using!) in order to properly configure the database. We can reference this installation guide to help us check our steps so we are properly installing MySQL.

Next Tutorial

In the next tutorial, we will discuss MySQL database setup, which describes how to set up database in MySQL.