Example games

This page provides example programs using the Quorum game engine. These examples give a bigger picture view of how games can be used as a whole, as opposed to other tutorials, which focus on individual parts for creating games. These games are not commercial products and are not intended to be, but showcase the types of systems that can be used in game creation.

Bug Buster

This is a 2D game called Bug Buster. It showcases a turn based strategy for destroying evil bugs that are doing evil things. Source code is under the BSD software license and provides examples for how to use behaviors, input sets, loading from JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), physics, and the use of focus for accessibility.

This is an image of the visual aspect of bug buster. There are bugs on top and a canon on the bottom of a grid.

Bug Buster on Github

Next Tutorial

In the next tutorial, we will discuss Gravity In 2D, which describes how to add gravity to a 2D game.