This is the first day of a five-day unit project. Students begin the project by choosing a partner, determining a dataset to design the app around, and creating a paper prototype.


Students will be able to:


Students will demonstrate their app design and programming skills throughout this five day project. In addition, students work with a dataset as this ensures students will be using the types of programming constructs required for the Create Performance Task, which this project is designed as a practice for. Students complete the project by individually filling out a Written Response, modeled after the Create PT.

This project can be used as a unit project, or as an end cap to the first semester of the course.


Getting Started (3 mins)


Activity (40 mins)

Group: Place students in groups of two.

Teaching Tip

Forming Groups: You may opt to form the groups yourself, randomly place students in groups, or let students select their partners based on the dataset they want to work with.

Previewing the Written Response: You may opt to share the CSP Unit 5 Hackathon Project - Written Response with students early just so they know what they'll be expected to write at the end of the 5-day project.

Distribute: Pass out the CSP Unit 5 Hackathon Project - Planning Guide - one per group.

Read: As a class, read through the Project Description on the Planning Guide.

Hackathon Project

Step 1: Students inspect the data files in the Data folder in the Unit_ProjectTemplate project. Have students select a dataset that looks interesting to them.

Step 2: Now students select how they will traverse a list pulled from their chosen dataset. Using the Planning Guide, students select whether they will use the filter, map, or reduce pattern and explain the specifics.

Step 3: The majority of the lesson should be spent on creating a detailed paper prototype. Students work together to design the screens of their app and design the flow from one screen to the next.

Wrap Up (2 mins)


Assessment: Optional

Planning Guide: As an optional completion assessment, you can look at steps 1-3 in the Planning Guide.

Standards Alignment