This is the fourth day of a five-day unit project. Students continue to build their apps.


Students will be able to:


Students will demonstrate their app design and programming skills throughout this five day project. In addition, students work with a dataset as this ensures students will be using the types of programming constructs required for the Create Performance Task, which this project is designed as a practice for. Students complete the project by individually filling out a Written Response, modeled after the Create PT.

This project can be used as a unit project, or as an end cap to the first semester of the course.


Getting Started (0 mins)

Do This: Move quickly to the activity portion of the lesson.

Activity (40 mins)

Step 6 (continued): Students work on building their apps, guided by their roles.

Teaching Tip

If the designer finishes their screens early, they can start pair programming with the programmer.

Do This: Take some time around the midpoint of the activity for students to check the Overall Project section of the Scoring Guidelines (final page of the Planning Guide).

Wrap Up

Do This: Remind students that they will be completing the Written Response portion of the project individually during the next lesson. Both students need to fully understand how the program works and have access to the final project.

Assessment: Optional

Planning Guide: As an optional completion assessment, you can look at the table in step 4 of the Planning Guide.

Standards Alignment