Using a Project Planning Guide, students work through the stages of creating an app from scratch. This is the first day of a three-day project. This lesson is devoted to the planning phase.


Students will be able to:


The Practice PT gives students the opportunity to design and program an app from scratch. Welcome to The Decision Maker App! Students demonstrate mastery of variables, conditionals, and functions by combining these elements into a useful program designed to solve the problem of making a decision.


Getting Started (5 mins)


Teaching Tip

Short Intro: The Warm Up today is short and light. Students should spend the maximum amount of time working on their projects.

Activity (40 mins)

Explore Projects: Direct students to explore two apps, Lesson12_ExampleApp1 and Lesson12_ExampleApp2. These apps should spark ideas in what the students can create for this project.

Prompt: For each app, discuss the following:

Discussion Goal

Sample App #1: Where Should I Eat?

Sample App #2: Activity Finder

Distribute: Each student should have a copy of the Practice PT Decision Maker App Planning Guide.


Discuss: Review the app requirements in the Planning Guide.

Display: Show the steps students will complete today in the Planning Guide:

  1. Brainstorm App Ideas: Students come up with three distinct ideas.
  2. Choose One Idea: Students should select one of their three ideas to turn into an app.
  3. Survey Your Classmates: Students discuss with two classmates the decision their app will help the user make and decide what information is needed to make this decision.
  4. Storing Information: Variables needed for storing information are listed in this section.
  5. Flowchart: Students create a flowchart, following the "Can I adopt a cat?" sample flowchart from the Conditionals Explore lesson.
  6. Design User Interface: There is space for students to design up to three screens. There are no screen requirements for the app, so students may use only one screen.

Teaching Tip

Supporting students in Practice PT Lessons

The teacher plays the role of a guide throughout the Practice PT lessons. In preparation, you may want to set aside some time to complete the project yourself to identify potential points of confusion for your classroom.

In this first lesson, the classroom progresses together through steps 1-3, and then students work at the own pace for steps 4-6. Circulate the room and check in with students as needed to make sure instructions are clear and students understand expectations.

What should you expect?

Wrap Up (0 mins)

No wrap up today. All time should be spent on the project.

Standards Alignment