The final lesson in the Practice PT progression is devoted to feedback and improvements to the Decision Maker App. Students work with classmates to review and update the functionality of their apps before submitting the final project.


Students will be able to:


The Practice PT gives students the opportunity to design and program an app from scratch. Welcome to The Decision Maker App! Students demonstrate mastery of variables, conditionals, and functions by combining these elements into a useful program designed to solve the problem of making a decision.


Getting Started (2 mins)


Teaching Tip

Short Intro: The Warm Up today is short and light. Students should spend the maximum amount of time working on their projects.

Activity (38 mins)

Group: Put students in groups of 3-4.

Do This: Direct students to open their projects. They should pull out their Planning Guides and with their group complete Step 5: Testing.

Step 5: Testing

Step 6: Pick Improvements

Step 7: Complete your App

Submit: Students complete a final check of their complected projects before they submit their work. Make sure they have access to the rubric.

Teaching Tip

Supporting students in Practice PT Lessons

This is the final lesson where students complete their projects. The classroom energy will likely increase when students begin Step 5 and collect feedback from classmates. Encourage students to work productively during the testing phase so they have enough time to finish their projects.

What should you expect?

Wrap Up (10 mins)

Reflection: Complete the two reflection questions in the Planning Guide.

Question 1: Provide a written response that:

Question 2: This project was created using a development process that required you to incorporate the ideas of your partner and feedback from your classmates. Provide a written response that describes one part of your app that was improved through input from EITHER your partner or feedback you received from classmates. Include:

Assessment: Practice PT Decision Maker Project

Use the CSP U4 Practice PT Rubric provided with the project to assess student work.

Standards Alignment