Students translate the plans they documented in Part 1 of the Practice PT to a working program in through a series of steps.


Students will be able to:


The Practice PT gives students the opportunity to design and program an app from scratch. Welcome to The Decision Maker App! Students demonstrate mastery of variables, conditionals, and functions by combining these elements into a useful program designed to solve the problem of making a decision.


Getting Started (2 mins)


Teaching Tip

Short Intro: The Warm Up today is short and light. Students should spend the maximum amount of time working on their projects.

Activity (43 mins)

Do This: Students now transition to Quorum Studio where they will build their app. Students should use the Unit_Project_Template project to build their apps.

Display: Share the steps for today with students.

Step 1: Design the App

Step 2: Create the Variables

Step 3: Create the Function

Step 4: Handle Events

Teaching Tip

Supporting students in Practice PT Lessons

At this point in the project attention shifts to Quorum Studio where students design and program their app. Continue to circulate the room and check in with students as needed to make sure instructions are clear and students understand expectations.

What should you expect?

Wrap Up (0 mins)

No wrap up today. All time should be spent on the project.

Standards Alignment