Scene Navigation and Keyboard Shortcuts

In addition to ways to manipulate a scene by adding, removing, or setting properties on items, there are a series of keys we can use to change a scene. Notably, while the property window can always be used, there are hotkeys for moving, scaling, and rotating. In addition, there are keys for adjusting the cursor and other attributes. These keys are documented here.


Move Left 2DLEFTMoves the item left
Move Right 2DRIGHTMoves the item right
Move Up 2DUPMoves the item up
Move Down 2DDOWNMoves the item down
Move Forward 3DWMoves the item forward
Move Backward 3DSMoves the item backward
Move Left 3DAMoves the item left
Move Right 3DDMoves the item right
Move Up 3DSPACEMoves the item up
Move Down 3DXMoves the item down


Item UpALT + =Make an item larger
Item DownALT + -Make an item smaller
Width UpALT + DIncrease Width
Width DownALT + ADecrease Width
Height UpALT + SPACEIncrease Height
Height DownALT + XDecrease Height
Depth UpALT + WIncrease Depth
Depth DownALT + SDecrease Depth


Roll Left (2D)ALT + LEFTRoll Left
Roll Right (2D)ALT + RIGHTRoll Right
Roll Left (3D)ALT + LEFTRoll Left
Roll Right (3D)ALT + RIGHTRoll Right
Pitch Up (3D)UPPitch Up
Pitch Down (3D)DOWNPitch Down
Yaw Left (3D)LEFTYaw Right
Yaw Right (3D)RIGHTYaw Right

Cursor and Grid

Place ItemENTERPlace the item selected in the palette
Cancel PreviewESCAPEDeselects the item in the palette
Toggle GridCTRL + G (PC), CMD + G (Mac)Turns the grid on or off
Grow Unit SizeCTRL + SHIFT + G (PC), CMD + SHIFT + G (Mac)Grow the size of the grid
Shrink Unit SizeCTRL + ALT + G (PC), CMD + ALT + G (Mac)Shrink the size of the grid


Select in Camera ViewCTRL + E (PC), CMD + E (Mac)Select items in view of the camera
Focus PropertiesCTRL + P (PC), CMD + P (Mac)Set the focus to the properties window
Unfocus PropertiesESCAPEMove the focus from the properties window to the editor
Delete ItemBACKSPACE or DELETEDelete the selected item
Change SelectedTABTab moves between selected items in a particular grid space
Open Find DialogCTRL + F (PC), CMD + F (Mac)Open the find item dialog
Close Find DialogESCAPE or ENTERCloses the find dialog


Report Camera LocationCTRL + SHIFT + 1Reports through a screen reader the camera location
Report Camera DirectionCTRL + SHIFT + 2Reports the direction the camera is pointing
Report Visible ItemsCTRL + SHIFT + 3Reports the items in the camera's view

Next Tutorial

In the next tutorial, we will discuss Introduction to Running a Scene, which describes running a scene in Quorum Studio.