Libraries.Game.Graphics.Light Documentation

This class represents the basic foundation of a light used in 3D space. Users shouldn't use this class directly, but instead use one of the classes that inherits from it, such as DirectionalLight.

Inherits from: Libraries.Language.Object

Variables Table

Libraries.Game.Graphics.Color colorThe color of the light.

Actions Documentation

Compare(Libraries.Language.Object object)

This action compares two object hash codes and returns an integer. The result is larger if this hash code is larger than the object passed as a parameter, smaller, or equal. In this case, -1 means smaller, 0 means equal, and 1 means larger. This action was changed in Quorum 7 to return an integer, instead of a CompareResult object, because the previous implementation was causing efficiency issues.



integer: The Compare result, Smaller, Equal, or Larger.


Object o
Object t
integer result = o:Compare(t) //1 (larger), 0 (equal), or -1 (smaller)

Equals(Libraries.Language.Object object)

This action determines if two objects are equal based on their hash code values.



boolean: True if the hash codes are equal and false if they are not equal.


use Libraries.Language.Object
use Libraries.Language.Types.Text
Object o
Text t
boolean result = o:Equals(t)


This action will return the current color of this light.




This action gets the hash code for an object.


integer: The integer hash code of the object.


Object o
integer hash = o:GetHashCode()

SetColor(Libraries.Game.Graphics.Color newColor)

This action will set the color of the light to match the given color.


SetColor(number red, number green, number blue, number alpha)

This action will set the color of the light using number values for the red, green, blue, and alpha components of a color, respectively. Each number should be between 0 and 1, where 0 represents the total lack of a color component, and 1 represents the full presence of a color component.


  • number red
  • number green
  • number blue
  • number alpha