Libraries.Web.Page.LanguageCode Documentation

This class represents the language HTML language code

Inherits from: Libraries.Language.Object


Variable Summary Table

text icelandic
text igbo
text serboCroatian
text limburgish
text bislama
text sami
text farsi
text ido
text kirghiz
text estonian
text volapuk
text tamil
text hungarian
text slovenian
text tigrinya
text japanese
text kanuri
text vietnamese
text arabic
text azerbaijani
text tatar
text catalan
text corsican
text flemish
text punjabi
text serbian
text rhaetoRomance
text dutch
text armenian
text sinhalese
text moldavian
text hawaiian
text sangro
text burmese
text quechua
text samoan
text breton
text maori
text inuktitut
text faeroese
text marathi
text chinese
text javanese
text tibetan
text wallon
text german
text french
text greenlandic
text maltese
text sesotho
text cherokee
text sundanese
text interlingua
text inupiak
text yiddish
text polish
text tonga
text turkmen
text latin
text sichuanYi
text oromo
text siswati
text swahili
text haitian
text guarani
text cambodian
text abkhazian
text edo
text venda
text uzbek
text kashmiri
text sanskrit
text uighur
text malagasy
text occitan
text czech
text amharic
text kirundi
text indonesian
text sindhi
text english
text slovak
text basque
text italian
text portuguese
text zulu
text latvian
text korean
text nepali
text irish
text telugu
text tsonga
text georgian
text kazakh
text croatian
text interlingue
text lingala
text gaelic
text afar
text swedish
text welsh
text tamazight
text hindi
text konkani
text russian
text afrikaans
text norwegian
text papiamentu
text ibibio
text urdu
text assamese
text spanish
text byelorussian
text nauru
text hausa
text syriac
text wolof
text ukrainian
text bashkir
text fiji
text pashto
text chewa
text thai
text frisian
text turkish
text romanian
text kannada
text kinyarwanda
text oriya
text laothian
text bulgarian
text hebrew
text esperanto
text albanian
text malayalam
text aymara
text gujarati
text divehi
text macedonian
text twi
text malay
text bihari
text danish
text fulfulde
text bengali
text galician
text bhutani
text tajik
text finnish
text lithuanian
text shona
text yoruba
text kurdish
text setswana
text aragonese
text mongolian
text greek
text somali
text tagalog
text xhosa
text yi

Actions Summary Table

Compare(Libraries.Language.Object object)This action compares two object hash codes and returns an integer.
Equals(Libraries.Language.Object object)This action determines if two objects are equal based on their hash code values.
GetHashCode()This action gets the hash code for an object.

Actions Documentation

Compare(Libraries.Language.Object object)

This action compares two object hash codes and returns an integer. The result is larger if this hash code is larger than the object passed as a parameter, smaller, or equal. In this case, -1 means smaller, 0 means equal, and 1 means larger. This action was changed in Quorum 7 to return an integer, instead of a CompareResult object, because the previous implementation was causing efficiency issues.

Example Code

Object o
        Object t
        integer result = o:Compare(t) //1 (larger), 0 (equal), or -1 (smalle



integer: The Compare result, Smaller, Equal, or Larger.

Equals(Libraries.Language.Object object)

This action determines if two objects are equal based on their hash code values.

Example Code

use Libraries.Language.Object
        use Libraries.Language.Types.Text
        Object o
        Text t
        boolean result = o:Equals(



boolean: True if the hash codes are equal and false if they are not equal.


This action gets the hash code for an object.

Example Code

Object o
        integer hash = o:GetHashCode


integer: The integer hash code of the object.